Crooks and Liars: Bonfire of the Wingnutteries

13 04 2009

Crooks and Liars sez: “Follow teh munnee”

Howard Kurtz hit FOX News for their promotion of the “Tea Party” protests on CNN’s Reliable Sources. He actually says the shows are now “a full-fledged Fox fight.” 

The right-wingers want to know how FOX is financing this movement? It’s because they are endlessly promoting it on every show that has. The hosts are saying they will be covering the event as if it’s a presidential debate.

And that type of publicity costs, ladies and gentleman. It costs big time, and FOX is giving thousands upon thousands of dollars of free advertising to a movement that is beingfinanced by right-wing special-interest groups who DO NOT care about the working class in America. It’s shameful…

Full post, transcript, video, ponies at Crooks and Liars




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