Blue Texan via FDL: Teabaggers: Only Republicans are Allowed to Run Up Huge Deficits

13 04 2009

WARNING: This post has both “informed discussion” and “facts” but we thought we’d bring it to you anyway, because of the handy visual aids. Enjoy! You might need a cigarette after.

What’s the Teabaggers’ main gripe? [balls if we know. -edWhat do they hope to accomplish? Putz’s op-ed in today’s New York Post finallyanswers that question.

In the short run, this is likely to provide at least a bit of resistance to the borrow-and-spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow approach that now governs Washington.

Ah-ha! So it’s deficits the Teabaggers object to. Good. Let’s take a look at the biggest borrowers-and-spenders over the past 40 years.

Read the rest on Firedoglake or Fire Dog Lake or FireDogLake or what the hell ever.




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