Urbzen’s 100th Post!

9 04 2009

When I started this blog back in the halcyon days of October 2008, my goal was simply to amass a small following, horrify my parents and possibly score some free shit. Now, after 100 posts, I have to say I’ve been amazed at the response and, more than anything, am completely blown away about how fucking awesome I am.

For a girl to achieve as much as I have as a political/humor blogger is truly a testament to you all and your willingness humor me as I pen feisty rants about serious topics that are clearly beyond the grasp of my hormonal ladybrain. More than anything, your support and generosity have taught me an important lesson that I hope to one day apply to my true calling as a faithful and obedient wife to a bright and powerful man.

In the meantime, keep checking back at Urbzen.com for your daily (?) dose of vice, virtue and, of course, sex jokes. And if you can’t get enough here, your lame ass should follow me on Twitter.



p.s.: If you are taking this post in any way seriously, you are a fucking idiot.

p.p.s.: See that subscription button to the right? CLICKY CLICKY.




4 responses

10 04 2009
Dan R

I am so proud of you. And to think I thought you would be running a roadside fruit stand by now!

10 04 2009

Very good. Keep up the good work.

10 04 2009

Congratulations on #100 madam. As for this “I hope to one day apply to my true calling as a faithful and obedient wife to a bright and powerful man,” I have done this exactly backwards and it’s worked out great for me. I am now a faithful & obedient househusband to a bright and powerful woman. Good luck in your quest. It is truly the good life.

12 04 2009

Bright and powerful man seeking submissive, obedient woman. Characteristics should be:

1. Proficient in child-bearing (wide hips necessary).
2. Fearful of being struck.
3. Skillful in reductions and marinades.
4. None of the above, absent No. 3.

Speaking of 100th post— you should consider the low-ball tactics of mass quantity without fact checking like ShortsandPants. It worked MIRACLES for us on Friday.

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