Fuck you, April

8 04 2009
well fuck


Well, it looks like we’re getting a nice head start on the annual Week When Horrible Shit Always Happens. Fun! God I hate April.




5 responses

8 04 2009
Mike Cane

Since you used the #doom tag, I had to come and look. Damn. Some items there I hadn’t seen — like the naked guy, the AntiChrist mom, and Germany.

If you think this is bad, wait for April 19th!

8 04 2009

By doom week, you are referring to Passover / Easter / Other?

Sometimes they fall in March. I’m just sayin’.

8 04 2009

Is all that stuff really out of the ordinary? People kill lots of other people during every month of the year. I wouldn’t think April has higher numbers of deaths than other months.

8 04 2009
Mr Tibbs

Gah. So damn true.

8 04 2009

Officer Rice has 15 years on the cop beat and let a naked man take her gun from her? She must have serious intimacy issues.

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