It’s the comma that makes it art

6 04 2009

To continue our theme from Friday’s ‘Women, Know Your Limits’ video, we turn to the Women’s Interest Lifestyle section of, where we find this gem:


Plus, Michelle Obama knows just what to pack!! I think I’m getting the vapors.




3 responses

6 04 2009
John Bianchi

Uhhh –

That from CNN is so heinous, I’m not sure where to start with it. I realize they have 24 hours to fill, but come on.

And yes, the way the media covered Michelle’s European sojourn bugged the hell out of me as well. Tina Brown’s sycophantic rambling on this morning’s edition of TODAY was inexplicable. Tina’s bottom line – and paraphrasing here – “the Europeans LOVED Michelle because she’s an Ivy-leaguer, a mom who’s got it all: a great husband, a great family, a career, marvelous clothes – and a great fashion sense. They really identify with her.”

Really – ? Is that right? First, it sounds like Tina is describing Barbie in the way that she was sold to us kids back in the early ’70’s. Secondly, do Europeans really see Michelle in that way? Isn’t it more like – look! Intelligent people are at the helm of the United States! Gosh, as Europeans, we forgot what that was like!

I *do* like Michelle Obama because she seems to be on the ball and she’s interested in important issues. I do not like her because she’s ‘got it all,’ whatever the hell that means.

Stephanie – you always seem to bring out the rant just hiding under my surface.

thank you. 🙂

6 04 2009

Thanks, and I hear ya on Michelle O (see what I did there?). This ecard made me smile, in a defeated sort of way:

6 04 2009

I ain’t the most religious person on the planet, but even so I think the only appropriate response to that headline is “the hwuh?”

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