A question on comments

18 03 2009

As maybe you’ve noticed, I don’t post comments on my own blog. Sometimes I’d like to, to clarify a point I made, respond to another commenter or just verbally bitch-slap somebody who I feel like is being sort of a douchebucket, because, you know, I’m not above that. But I don’t because I feel like it’s not really fair. I have a lot of leverage here in my little corner of the internet: I can state my opinion, cherry-pick my facts, even delete comments if I want to (which I never have. Yet.). So I feel like sticking my nose into the comments section would be, forgive the expression, a sort of bitch-ass thing to do.

Which brings me to my question: Do you think bloggers should post comments on their own blogs? What makes it appropriate/inappropriate? Why?


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18 03 2009

I definitely think its appropriate. In fact, I wish more bloggers did. If I took the time to respond to your post, and I asked a question – I would hope someone would answer me! Or, at least acknowledge that I wanted to engage in some way. I think it makes it more of a dialogue.

18 03 2009

I respond to comments on my blog when I think it’s necessary. That way the person who left the comment doesn’t think I haven’t seen it.
And sometimes it leads to a conversation. Which is what I think a blog should be anyway.

18 03 2009

I think it’s acceptable if the blogger is responding to a comment. Especially if it is an instance where you are defending your opinion or adding something to the discussion. I’m all for interaction. 🙂

18 03 2009

Most definitely. I had a guy who kept arguing why me about content a few weeks ago so I started responding. He maintained his dip-shitting for so long that our co-editor ended up editing all of his comments and banning him, but still it made for a good time.

18 03 2009

JEEBUS. *arguing with me not WHY ME. Moron.

18 03 2009


I want to clarify that I *do* respond to commenters via email and twitter, which sometimes leads to a conversation and sometimes just leads to a lot of mean-spirited name-calling. I’m cool either way.

Shortsshortsshorts: I have the power to fix that mistake you made. But I’d rather just enjoy your self-inflicted public humiliation. Mwahaha.

I never claimed to be a benevolent blogger.

18 03 2009
BJ Nemeth

You have a blog? I thought you were just a Twitterbot.

18 03 2009

I enjoy blogs more (in most cases) where the author comes back and joins in on the fun, particularly if there’s a productive dialogue happening.

If anything, it makes the blog feel like more of a conversation than anything, rather than just the author running their mouth, then sitting back and watching the chaos unfold.

18 03 2009

Yes. A BLOG. AND IT KICKS ASSSSSSSS, or something.

18 03 2009
Mike Cane

My first blog had no Commenting.

My second did. Most times people ask questions or make suggestions and not responding felt rude to me (yes, even a bastard like me can think that!), even if it was only to say thanks.

I think Bloggers should reply to Comments, when necessary. This is supposed to be two-way, no?

18 03 2009

A two-way? Really, Mike, you’re just gonna tee it up for me like that?

18 03 2009

Dammit I almost took the low fruit too, but I don’t know what passes for “acceptable” around these parts.

19 03 2009
John Bianchi

Now, now; for some, its embarrassing to have another person in the room.

As far as commenting on my own blogs, I only do it if a poster has a question or actually indicates they want to me to explain a point. Generally, I don’t do it, because, yes, it does seem like a ‘bitch-ass thing to do’.

Sometimes, that’s warranted, though.

19 03 2009

I think that if the commenter has something directed towards you it is rude not to reply back. I think of it as like a question in conversation. Would you simply ignore the question asked or would you take the time to answer.

20 03 2009

I’m guilty of excessive commenting, on my blog and others’. I do feel like it’s a conversation, most of the time, and I think commenters are looking at it that way. It could be a result of my journalism training — I like to keep people talking and see what stories emerge.

I do draw the line at responding to douchebags who asked me out in college and are smarmily trying to get back in touch now that I’m divorced. I don’t need to have *that* conversation.

22 03 2009

Why not? engaging the fans and all that. I think a lot of people write to stir conversation so why not take part in that conversation?

25 03 2009
Ian Welsh

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on what sort of mood I’m in and whether I’m awake when the question is asked (if the blog is fast moving.)

Er, and yes, mostly I comment in reply to questions. Sometimes just to be chatty. Sometimes to expand on what someone else said. And sometimes to disagree with someone.

So, ummm, overall, quite a bit, actually.

22 10 2009

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