Race to the Bottom

12 03 2009

Normally I just leave my nightly MSNBC liberal porn on as background noise in the apartment while I attend to more important things, but last night I couldn’t help but get drawn in to this mud-slinging deathmatch between adorably insane pumpkin-head Chris Matthews and GWB acolyte Ari “Under the Bus” Fleischer. I don’t think anybody expected it to be a love-fest, but I swear if they’d been in the same studio it would have come to blows. I haven’t seen hate this deliciously palpable in a while:





4 responses

12 03 2009

I’m glad someone else thinks he’s adorable (especially when he says, “this is rich stuff!”)

12 03 2009
leroy redbone

chris is a worthless buttboy for obamba ! i hate him !

13 03 2009

Ari was sure pushing the Republican koolaid that evening.

13 03 2009
Ross the Robot

Good god Ari Fleischer is infuriating. I mean Chris Matthews is nearly as bad, but Fleischer is just a quibbling little liar. What a failure.

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