Maybe this will get through to them

2 02 2009

I work in a pretty informal office. We don’t have cubicles, Thursday is bagel day, and if you wear anything other than jeans and a sweatshirt people assume you’re probably up to something. Even in this environment, though, I absolutely cannot understand how the sink continually fills up with dirty dishes that sit and fester for weeks at a time. Who do you think is going to come around and wash them for you? The magical dish fairy? God? Your mother?

I’m hoping my friendly new sign will help alleviate the situation:





6 responses

2 02 2009

Worst case scenario, just start throwing their stuff away when it gets nasty. Quote OSHA.

2 02 2009
Donna Cook

yeah, post a sign ….24 hours notice and then “good bye nasty stuff”

2 02 2009

@alex: My mom used to ask me to pick up my Lego blocks when I was growing up. She threatened to come through my room with a trash can. I didn’t listen and one day she stepped on one. Then she made good on her threat. I learned the hard way to keep my toys picked up.

While I can’t advocate this kind of inter-office terrorism, sometimes it pays to get a bit extreme to drive home a point.

2 02 2009
Sara K

Good luck – it didn’t really work in my office. We posted a “Your mother doesn’t live here” sign.

16 03 2009

I’m all for guerrilla tactics when it comes to the work place. Sometimes, well truthfully, all the time, I want to post “shut the fu*k up…NO ONE CARES HOW YOU FEEL!!!” and I work at a day spa.

20 03 2009
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