No more human litters

30 01 2009

As a card-carrying, lily-livered, bleeding-heart, bed-wetting liberal, both reproductive choice and social welfare programs are at the core of what I believe in. So I feel like I should be a lot more comfortable with the recent birth of octuplets in Bellflower, CA.

But I’m not. Choosing to carry eight babies to term is tantamount to neglect. Even if the mother, who has not been identified, did have the resources to provide for her brood of 14—estimates for absolute basics for the octuplets alone range from about $2.5 to $3 million—it is simply not possible for one person (or two people, it’s not clear if the mother is married or has a partner) to simultaneously nurture eight infants to the extent they need to develop normally.

That’s the thing about “choice”—Your right to chose ends when it starts taking choices away from somebody else. In this case, the mother’s choice to have eight viable embryos implanted invariably limits the choices of her friends and neighbors, her extended family, social services providers, her six older children who will inevitably be the ones caring for these babies, and of course the octuplets themselves.

No one, in the primate family at least, has octuplets by accident. This is not a matter of a young woman who makes some poor choices and ends up needing food stamps to get by. Instead, it is the case of a person who, for whatever reason, has insisted on having her way, regardless of the consequences and at everyone else’s expense. Her children have my sympathy.




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30 01 2009

When does having children, no matter how many, ever not place a burden on others? They need to be taught, fed, clothed, nurtured, disciplined, and generally babied until they’re 20 (or, if you’re one of these new college graduates moving back home after college, 35 and beyond). That responsibility extends beyond the parents, every time.

You always have the choice to do nothing. Nobody is telling her neighbors to care for the babies. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything for her. Yes, it’s heartless, but should we really be going out of our way to support people who have absolutely no means to support themselves, when they themselves are the ones making the choices that land them in these impossible situations?

Even still, I agree with you and abhor that people spawn litters. It’s disgusting, and entirely unnecessary no matter how you cut it.

30 01 2009

couldn’t have said it better myself. this is just wrong, as are any doctors who were complicit in her treatments-
these are the kids who wind up in my classroom with frazzled parents, who can not possibly focus the time and attention they need on these kids as individuals

30 01 2009
Harl Delos

Hmmm. If it costs $2 million to raise 8 kids, that’s $250,000 each, or $13,888 per person per year.

Household expenses are cheaper, per person, for a large family. You don’t spend more for the salt on your sidewalk if there are fifteen people walking out your front door rather than one, nor do you pay more for your cable/satellite television. There’s less food wasted, per person, when you cook for fifteen than when you cook for one.

Still, assume that there are no such efficiencies. That $2 million figure – and you’ve suggested $2.5 million to $3 million – is the equivalent of $56,000 for a family of four. You’d have to earn over $100,000 pre-tax in order to have $56,000 available to support your family of four.

So you’re suggesting that the 80% of the population who makes less than $100,000 is irresponsible if they don’t abort in order to avoid having a family of four?

Making children help around the house, to wash dishes, to watch their siblings, to help raise a vegetable garden, is not abuse, and failing to provide them designer clothing, trips to Disney World, and expensive toys is not neglect.

Your tags of “morons”, “terrible ideas” and “things that are gross” are appropriate for your post, though.

31 01 2009
Sara K

While I don’t think that this woman should have been forced to reduce, what fertility specialist helped this woman…who already had 6 children!!

Fertility treatments are invasive and expensive – I personally find it hard to believe that any doctor would be willing to put a patient through this who had already ‘proven’ fertility 6 (or 5 since she has twins) times.

2 02 2009

I think the general humorous nature of your blog is lost on some. But overall, I have to agree with you. Mass breeding is unnecessary and overall poor planning on the woman’s part. And well, I just don’t really like babies anyway.

2 02 2009

These ‘pro-lifers’ should be the first to shout that there are so many children that can be adopted instead. Hell, even our showbiz celebrities go shopping world-wide to get them.

6 02 2009

Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

8 02 2009

I’ve heard about this, and I can give you some terrible news.
1. She is single
2. Her MOTHER has been taking care of her already existing children and didn’t support this at all
3. It was the woman’s dream to have 14 or so children
4. Apparently the eggs are her own, taken and re-implanted because her fallopian tubes are scarred

Hopefully Social Services will get involved and fast, because this woman is useless and obviously not in her right mind.

8 02 2009

Doctors can’t implant embryos. They can only transfer them in hopes that they implant.

This woman is suspect. There is more to this story than what is being revealed – on several levels.

The reality is that this is child endangerment – of both her older children and the octuplets. She belongs under scrutiny and both a police and CPS investigation should be ongoing if California has any sense.

24 02 2009
Shay M

This female should have been sterilized instead. What kind of Dr would perform IVF on a welfare mother that already had 6 kids? Did she blackmale him? Sleep with him & threaten to tell the wife? The primary rule of medicine is to do no harm. Nothing but harm is going to come of this.

I’m disabled, work part-time for insurance on hubby & self & am so very tired of my tax money supporting people to ignorant to use birth control. We don’t have kids. The thought of passing on my medical problems to a new human being that didn’t ask to be born makes me sick.

Anyone with problems, physical or mental, should really think about that before breeding.

7 05 2009

“What kind of Dr would perform IVF on a welfare mother that already had 6 kids?” Dr. Mengele comes to mind. It’s hard to tell which of them had a screw more loose, Octomom or the doctor who helped her bear a larger litter than most small four legged mammals normally do.

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