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26 01 2009

When I was in Washington DC last week, I happened across this gem on a table at everybody’s favorite pile of kindling, Cap Lounge, which I actually kind of hate, but what do you do. As a person who is, in fact, looking for both “enjoyment” and “life enrichment” I have to say I was intrigued, but the three-star promise of “much more” seemed kind of menacing.


The real art, though, is the circa-1985 stock photography. I mean, if they actually had dudes like that in DC, I would never have left.




4 responses

26 01 2009
J. Peter Freire

“Captiol” Hill, eh? And this is funny. I spend all my time at Cap Lounge. I’ll probably be spending *more* time there these days.

26 01 2009

ummm, wow. And it’s “Captiol” Hill – guess that’s the first think we’re all seeing…that and yes, the circa 1985 stock photography. Somehwere, right now, a designer is being fired. Sorry.

26 01 2009

Best use of 80s hair in a 00 ad that I have seen yet. Maybe what it is subliminally suggesting is a return to 80s DC area romance? Coke, Contra, and Completely Impractical Picnics.

2 02 2009

I can’t help but comment late. It looks like they’re having a picnic at the edge of a missile silo or something else deep and hole-y.

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