You’ll get your Inauguration photos when I’m good and ready

21 01 2009

Because Your Editor is both a masochist and an idiot, I booked a flight out of Washington “Reagan” National Airport the day after the biggest event in the history of the world ever and only arrived four hours before my scheduled flight (which takes me to Los Angeles via Boston, but that is another matter) thinking I’d have plenty of time to check in, check my bag and proceed through security.¬†Evidently our friends at US Airways had other ideas; The wait to check in was more than five hours and quite possibly was just one big circle.

Which is all to say that you’ll get your Urbzen Inauguration photos when I’m goddamned ready to give them to you, which will not be today. In the meantime, you can catch up on Urbzen’s thrilling Inauguration coverage here, here and here.




4 responses

21 01 2009
Michael Hardy


21 01 2009

My, but you are beautiful when you are angry!

21 01 2009
Mary Beth

close your eyes and go to your happy spot OR start singing “I feel pretty” from West Side Story

22 01 2009
At Home with Kim Vallee

But look on the bright side: imagine the wait if you took an international flight. I flew on the 21st but it was from LA; so I got a smooth boarding session.

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