Urbzen Interactive Guide to Washington DC Safeways

15 01 2009

In the name of public service and inspired both by our impending trip to the nation’s capital (and Capitol) and by Wonkette’s coverage of Wax Barack Obama‘s tour of DC grocery stores, your friends at Urbzen have slaved day and night to create a snazzy interactive map of Washington DC’s various Safeways. The map includes photos of each Safeway as well as a brief explainaition of the store’s  nickname, which DC residents use to feel “insidery.” 

Click the image below to launch the Interactive Guide to Washinton DC Safeways


Additional info on the District’s Parade of Safeways can be found at DCist and Gridskipper. Happy shopping

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8 responses

15 01 2009

hmmm, kinda funny, but also kinda racist, for instance in its assessments of “East Berlin” and “Unsafeway,” eh?

15 01 2009
The problemwithcaring

Sara: did you get a degree in race and ethnicity studies? You should have, cause man can you spot racism!

I learned something today. I never knew secret safeway and soviet safeway were two different places. Who knew? Who cared? You did, Urb! Thanks.

15 01 2009

I’ve actually went to Soviet Safeway the first time I visited Jami in grad school. Didn’t know about the others. Funny.

16 01 2009

WOW I had noooo idea people could turn Simple Sfaeway Locations into Racial Diatribes . Ohhhhhh one stop and your in Anacostia where you might see black People . Salvadorian Comuntiy shops here but Gentrification is Changing that . Most will be Armed and you wont be safe . Why didn’t you say that if you go to Secret Safeway in Dupont You might Get ass Raped in the Meat Isle ?? I guess Homophobia is to lowbrow and you will stick to you Xenophobia and Racism . I have lived in DC all my life and have never Heard these so called insider terms . So im guessing you just sat in you little ,Were not racist Group and came up with these ( Just so you know if you make racial generalizations about people your Racist even if you know people from other races ) Anyway BITE ME ASS WHOLES .

16 01 2009

The comment thread is way funnier than the post itself. Keep ’em coming! Is “Racist” really a proper noun?

16 01 2009

I’m a DC native (born and raised) and have heard people (yes, mainly people who are transplants) refer to the Safeways by these nicknames.

It’s not racists so much as it’s classist.

Also, whether you agree with it or not, it’s a joke people. Calm the fork down.

16 01 2009

Trust me, the Soviet Safeway lives up to its reputation: long lines, empty shelves.

4 05 2009
Stephanie Jenson

In Palisades, for the last 20 plus years, we have called the MacArthur Safeway, the Soviet Safeway due to long lines at the register and empty shelves

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