Keepin’ it classy in Blythe, CA

9 01 2009

Mainly regarded as a glorified rest stop, Blythe, CA, population 16,162, is home to two state prisons, award-winning webmaster Floie Barrows and, evidently, the stingiest McDonalds ever:


Stay classy, Blythe. Stay classy.




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9 01 2009

That is funny! Ummmm, if something occurs often enough a policy needs to be written to decrease the occurrence, wouldn’t that then be considered “normal” rather than abnormal? I mean, if half of the population now likes ranch dressing with their fries, it’s now no different than ketchup, no? If one ketchup packet isn’t enough for half the population, then needing more than 1 packet is likewise normal IMO. No?

9 01 2009

Unreasonable Ketchup – $0.055 (exact change required)

11 01 2009
Jimmy Johns

I’ve actually seen this for “reasonable” condiments as well. They have all sorts of limitations on how many packets of ketchup you can have with your fries, how much sweet and sour sauce with your nuggets, etc.
I personally like my nuggets drenched in sauce, in order to cover up the sometimes-awful taste. But in order to do this, I have to cough up an extra 50 cents. So, I just stopped going.

11 01 2009

They have that policy at our McDonald’s here too. If you want ranch for your fries, it is 50 cents extra. If you want more barbecue or sweet and sour sauce with your nuggets, it’s an extra 50 cents. At our Burger King, they give you 2 sauce cups for each order of fried or onion rings and you can’t even buy more sauces. I think they really assume they’re helping people to “cut calories” by forcing them to pay extra for sauces or not allowing them to have extra sauces.

13 01 2009
The problemwithcaring

Don’t hate – appreciate. They institute such cost cutting measures to past the savings on to YOU, the diner.

I mean, the $0.99 you pay for USDA Grade D Fit-for-Human-Consumption Double Cheeseburger Beef barely coversthe costs of those cows hormone injections, people.

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