Awesome interactive blog post!

4 01 2009

Using the latest in cutting-edge internet technology, Urbzen is able to bring you an virtual-reality simulation of a recent day in the life of your beloved blogger/whiner/author:

Step 1: Stare intently at the photograph below.


2. Continue staring for the next eight to ten hours. Bonus points if you get a friend to dump buckets of sleet on your head at random and unpredictable intervals.

3. The end.

Now, though, we are safe and sound in a $33/night motel in Albuquerque which technically only allows one pet per room, but at only 44 lbs of aggrigate dog, I think we’re in the clear.

Henry has already gotten comfortable:





One response

24 01 2009

This was a very funny post in 3 interactive steps —

— your blog is already in my DON’T MISS category in my reader, but I keep disconnecting the “Urbzen” and the “StephanieInCA” so I’m going to rename it in the list — now back to our programming:

I like the way you think funny. Keep it up.

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