Suddenly self-conscious

22 12 2008

Was on my Dr.’s web site looking for a fax number for a prescription refill when I ran across this little treasure:


God damn you, Los Angeles.




5 responses

22 12 2008
Donna Cook

I read an article once about a woman who sued her plastic surgeon , she had a tummy tuck or some such thing and her navel was off center and it was interfering with her sex life. so sad………geeeeez

22 12 2008
Tom in Raleigh

Uh, WTF? Is there any sort of need for such services? Sheesh.

22 12 2008

“No longer do you need to spend sleepless nights looking at your vagina in the mirror, wondering what it could have been…”

22 12 2008

laughing my ass off. Lets face it, most vagina’s are like most cocks, UGLY. So deal with it lol

29 12 2008

Sweet. Maybe I’ll renew my virginity for my next marriage. Or is that more functional than aesthetic?

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