Cute… or creepy?

1 12 2008

The first in a series of trends that toe the line between hip and horrifying, photos by Erwan Fichou of people clad in sweaters made from their pets’ fur


Leaving aside for a moment that my Mr. Henry isn’t much of a shedder and that he tends to eat any fur you trim off of him, I just can’t see myself wearing anything made from the fur of an animal whose greatest pleasure is rolling in a fresh pile of cat poo.





9 responses

1 12 2008
Jaosn I

Very Very Creepy. I try as hard as I can to keep my dogs fur off of my clothing why would I want to wear it.

1 12 2008

Insanely creepy! This is even worse than those rings made of your deceased cat’s remains…

1 12 2008

OK, I have to say, the most relieving thing you said was that your dog eats its fur. I was afraid mine was the only one that did that!

1 12 2008

There is nothing wrong with using your dogs hair. The dogs that these folks have are very well kept and their coats are clean and shiny. Also the yarn made from the hair is washed very carefully.

I have seen people wear dirtier clothes than these dogs.

1 12 2008
Mr. B.

All I can say is wow. Fido’s fur coat is unique to say the least.

1 12 2008

Great find Stephanie! One of our cats is a medium hair tabby and sheds great big piles of fine fur. I’ve always wondered if i saved enough of it whether my Mom could knit a sweater. After seeing this and thinking about it a little more, I think i’ll drop those thoughts 🙂

3 12 2008
Donna Cook

Undecided. While it is creepy to wear the dogs coat, knowing that said dog may decide to munch on your sleeve, and I know that the fur/hair is washed. But, what a great idea, then no one can tell that you are covered with dog hair. but then would the coat shed, ( of course not) but I’m imagining shedding on people’s furniture or car seats. but I probably already do that. Maybe a scarf or mittens? No…no scarf, sounds itchy. Ok….I’m voting creepy.

5 12 2008

Holy Bazoongas, that is damn creepy. Be like wearing a wig made from yer kid’s hair…

9 12 2008
Donna Lynes-Miller

The fur is usually washed a dozen times or more and smells like Woolite! I know a lady in Atlanta who specializes in this craft. Her creations are quite pretty. I have some scarves & a hat – nice to have when the animals pass on – something tangible to hold on to.

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