Glitter? Oh, the humanity

12 11 2008

It is possible for something to be both hilarious and sad?

You don’t have to agree with Bash Back’s tactics to be flabbergasted to hear the incident described as persecution, terrorism and a siege.

Glitter by the bucketload? No, god, no!

Seriously, some people have real problems.





14 responses

12 11 2008
Kelly O

“”The Siege”: heh.

12 11 2008

I so want to get one of those pink kaffiyehs. Seriously. 10 years ago I probably would have rocked that every day.

13 11 2008

GOOD for this organization! The GLBT has had MOOORE than enough of the Gay Bashing, Homophobia, Hate, Anti-God, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-Christian, Nazi, War-Mongering Far-Right!!!!!!!!! God Has SPOKEN! GOD SUPPORTS THIS PROTEST!

13 11 2008

This is not GOOD! The people who voted against us will use this as an example of why we shouldn’t be allowed certain rights and use it as an example of these wild, godless, perverted, insert an adjective here, homosexuals. I am just as pissed off at Prop 8’s passing and the similar actions in AZ and FL, but we cannot degrade ourselves in this way. We need to be smart. We need to be visible. We need to stand strong and fight.

14 11 2008

Where do I sign up to this gay group? If church and state are not separate, I have a right to protest at both CITY HALL, and the CHURCH. Yes, with buckets of glitter. Amen.

17 11 2008

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Not cool. And this is coming from an atheist.

17 11 2008

” …I have a right to protest at both CITY HALL, and the CHURCH… ”
Protest yes, but your average protester doesn’t charge into city hall and start harassing city workers. They could have easily had the same effect with less of the hate if they protested right outside the church instead.

17 11 2008

What these “protesters” did was wrong. Like a previous post said “two wrongs don’t make a right”. You have to be smarter then the conservatives. You have to be better than them to get your point across. Out talk them, use your voice in the right place. Over taking a church is wrong and embarrassing.

17 11 2008
David H.

Yes it’s wrong & maybe embarrassing but these types of protests serve a useful purpose. This is the radical edge of the fightback against Prop 8 & similar discriminatory rules/laws.

The useful part is this will make those who sit down, debate & discuss look much more sensible when they demand equality & justice for all human beings.

This is no different from radical right-wing hatemongers who in turn make turds like W or McRage look sensible in comparison. We actually need people like this on our side to make our sensible people look non-threatening. It’s all of a piece, even if sometimes the pieces don’t look so good when viewed separately.

19 11 2008

As a gay Christian, I don’t think this action helped the movement in anyway. I am offended that a group would do such a disrespectful thing to a community. At this time like no other, we need to “carefront” our enemy and invite them into conversation. Shock treatment hasn’t worked on anyone. Do they honestly think that this approach would gather the support. If any members were on silently on the fence, way to go for pushing them further away. I think there is room at the table for all kind of activism. However, activism always need to be respectful and civil to ensure a healthy conversation.

20 11 2008

Churches of all denominations do not teach that homosexuality is a sin. Notably, the United Church of Christ.

28 11 2008
Brad Turner

You people who support these attacks are FAR FAR WORSE than the quiet victors in Prop 8!
Stop Blaming the Mormons, just because they were SMARTER, MORE CALCULATED, MORE ORGANIZED and RAISED MORE MONEY for THEIR SIDE.
—Sounds like Obama’s campaign, and now we don’t see the McCain losers whining and trying to overturn the vote in Court or Bashing anyone now do we?

Learn from MLK , Peaceful protest with respectful discourse will win. Not this Whacko Crazy and VIOLENT CRAP.

This isn’t Stonewall This is 2008!

12 12 2008

I agree with the tactics of MLK and Medgar Evers, but neither of them would have accomplished anything without the tactics of the Black Panthers and Malcom X as well. It was the attacks in all forms and venues that won the war not just one battle or one tactic.

12 12 2008
Sargon Bighorn

Christian police men did this all the time back in the day to Gay clubs and bars and what’s worse is they arrested those men in those business. Things like this happen people. Things like this happen when one group of people is pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. Don’t be surprised if some young folk push back; in the wrong place which is unfortunate but heck, they’re young.

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