Martinis taste like happy

9 11 2008

Reuters published a piece recently about a study suggesting that high IQ in childhood is linked with increased alcohol consumption as an adult, noting that this correlation was particularly strong among women.

The article suggests a handful of reasons for the gender divide, but I think it misses an obvious one–That a culture that values women who are compliant, dependent and unassertive drives exceptionally intelligent women to drink in order to deal with the inequality they face every day?

In any case, I think I need a cocktail.





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10 11 2008

It’s not only the inequality that stresses those who can read, write and speak in complete sentences. Just having to be with or listen to those of lower intellect is a cause of ulcers for many. The 2008 presidential campaign was a good example.

10 11 2008
Kelly O

Interesting! Now that you mention it, bourbon does taste a lot like “I don’t give a frak.”

10 11 2008

Hmmmmmm. Leaves me up in the air this statistic. I know sexism isn’t a thing of the past, but with so many opportunities for women since the movement of the early ’70s, it seems unlikely that smart women drink because they’re undervalued. I suppose I like to see the universe of women surveyed, i.e., is there a large segment of smart women in the study (measured by IQ?) who for reasons unrelated to gender were unable to obtain the educational and other opportunities necessary for them to succeed? Because alcoholism is likely a genetic pre-disposition, could the correlation be due more to evolutionary biological causes, which would explain better the persistence of the correlation in a society that has moved pretty darn far in terms of women’s ability to achieve in the society. Lot’s of questions raised by this. I’ll look forward to further explorations. Thanks for posting it.

10 11 2008

so, sooo true. does it mention the accompanying stress that being a smart chick gets you? or that a high IQ isn’t always accompanied by, say, organizational skills? (speaking for myself, mais oui.)

10 11 2008
Jenny, bloggess

This is why I started drinking, so that I can lose enough brain cells that I can be even with everyone else. Unfortunately I should have stopped drinking 6 years ago. Goodbye, algebra.

10 11 2008

here’s my theory on why smart people drink more: they end up having more successful, but also more demanding/stressful, jobs/lives, and when they get a free hour or two they use alcohol to de-stress.

per this theory, smart women drink more than smart men because in modern society, smart women are expected to have the same demanding/stressful jobs/lives that smart men do, AND bear primary child-rearing responsibilities. added responsibility = more stress = more drinking.

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