Election Bingo

3 11 2008

Here at Urbzen, we don’t believe in drinking games because we don’t need anyone to tell us to finish our drinks, thankyouverymuch.  Instead, we’re playing Election Night Bingo, in honor of the geriatric Floridians who will likely decide the presidential race, once again. 

How to play: Print out and distribute the cards. You’ll probably want to give more than one to each player since the large number of variables makes the odds of a bingo pretty small. As your TV network of choice calls states (pres) or races (senate, gov), mark of the corresponding square on your card(s). 

Right click and select “Save As” if you don’t want to navigate away from this window.

Election Bingo cars 1-20 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 21-40 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 41-60 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 61-80 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 81-100 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 101-120 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 121-140 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 141-160 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 161-180 (pdf)

Cards print four per page; Each PDF is five pages.




5 responses

3 11 2008

Great bingo cards, thanks so much for sharing!

3 11 2008

I love the bingo cards….

And I do believe in drinking games. It highlights how silly the talking points and TV pundits really are. Some rules I thought of are here:

3 11 2008

Thanks so much Stephanie — I love bringing something like this to a party. (Aside: I found a lot of your comments on blogs I visit and intend to visit more, so I’m kind of glad I forgot your blog name and googled your StephanieinCA name, which I usually think is StephanieinLA but then come to my senses. Thanks!)

4 11 2008
Play Election Night Bingo | Decision 2008

[…] Sitting at home watching Election Night? Check out election night bingo. […]

4 11 2008

Stephanie. Thanks for the heads up you gave us on our blog. We have a couple of other fun games for people as well. http://blog.culturemob.com/election-night-drinking-game

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