Weekly Henry, take one

31 10 2008

What’s better than Friday? Friday with puppies, obv.



Because the only thing better than Friday is Friday+puppies, here is a photo of Westie, kibble conniseur, gentleman of leisure and notorious underpants thief Mr. Henry.

You can send Henry email at urbzen — at — inbox.com, which I will read to him before bedtime, or visit his dogster page here.




4 responses

31 10 2008

Notorious underpants thief !!!!

Now that is what I call Westietude!!!

2 11 2008

Henry is adorable and I love the name {that was a choice for mine, but if I have a son I would like to name him Henry}! Westies are the best dogs. I feel they have that puppy look in their eyes always. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Stop by for more “Jack” updates.

6 11 2008
Maggie Weakley

Henry is so cute. My Westie’s name is Angel and she is amazing http://www.maggiesangels.com/blog/2008/09/05/pjs-for-the-pups/
Thanks for sharing. Maggie

18 11 2008
When to winterize man’s best friend « U R B Z E N

[…] and Bernese Mountain Dog. Shepherds, collies and hard-coated terriers like the Airedale and the Westie are also reasonably well equipped to ward off the […]

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