Frozen Lunch Review: Eating Right Chicken Enchilada

30 10 2008

According to the package, the Eating Right (a private label brand distributed by Safeway Inc.) Chicken Enchilada is a “Corn tortilla stuffed with chicken tenders, onions and green chilies, with Mexican Style rice and sprinkled with cheese.”

Price: $2 with Vons card

Nutritional info: 6g total fat; 2.5 g sat fat; 300 calories; 550mg sodium; 16g protien

Pros: Surprisingly large enchilada, good green chili sauce, filling, high in protien

Cons: No beans to go with the rice, high in sodium, large number of mystery ingredients

Overall: I enjoyed this enchilada. At just 300 calories, it’s not going to suffice as a full meal for most, but the 16g of protein make it reasonably filling, and at $2, the price is definitely right. I also appreciated that the heating instructions didn’t attempt to perpetuate the fantasy that I was going to stop cooking halfway through to gently stir each part of the meal, separately.

Score: Four sporks out of five




4 responses

30 10 2008

This is the inaugural post of weekly reviews? YEAH! Just what I need — a humorous was to deal with the microwave hell that is the desk lunch. Love the quick+witty to-the-point style you’ve got here — gotta browse further, on my next lunch hour (should come up around 4:30). Glad to find your blog via twitter ~!

30 10 2008

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I do intend to make this a weekly thing, and based on the number of frozen meals I eat, that should be no problem. Sometimes I even put them on a real plate, to kind of “classy it up.”

Am thinking next week I’ll include a photo of the meal post-microwaving. Or would that gross everyone out?

20 11 2008
Five Dollar Footlong vs. Saved by Zero « U R B Z E N

[…] The beauty of the jingle is it’s simplicity. If you get me humming “Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlooooong,” my takeaway is that I can get a footlong for five dollars. If I’m humming it around lunch time, I just might march myself right into a Subway. Conversely, walking around humming “Saaaved by Zeeroooo,” isn’t going to get me to do anything besides grind my teeth. It doesn’t make me think about why I might want a Toyota, and in any case, I tend to purchase automobiles with a bit more gravity than I do my lunch. […]

17 12 2008

The Eating Right Sesame Chicken is fantastic. So is the lasagne.

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