How to throw a sufficiently classy election night party

29 10 2008

(without actually having to do very much work)

Crunch time: One week until election night, and once again, the only people who have invited you to a watch party are your parents, your office social committee, and creepy Phil whose ’06 party included you, a foreign exchange student named Klaus and a bunch of his World of Warcraft friends.

What’s a gal to do?

Easy. You’re going to throw your own party. It’s going to be easy, chic, and for those who lay off the sangria, unforgettable.

Here’s what you need:

  • Some fruit (apples, oranges, lots of limes), sliced
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 bottle of light rum, like Bacardi Silver
  • 1 bottle dry red wine (cheap is fine, I get mine at Big Lots)
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 12 oz can club soda
  • 1 2L bottle of Coke
  • a handful of fresh mint (a large bunch in the produce section at the grocery store is about $2)
  • a handful of fresh basil (same deal)
  • a couple roma tomatoes
  • 3-4 frozen cheese pizzas

Find two glass pitchers (you can find great ones at thrift stores for under $10). In the first, combine fruit (save a couple of limes), half the sugar, 1/3 of the rum, all of the wine, and the OJ. Voila, sangria. In the second, combine half the remaining limes, remaining sugar, 1/3 of the rum, half of club soda, and a fistful or two of mint (smush it around a little to release the flavor). Voila, mojitos. Use the Coke, remaining rum and remaining limes to make Cuba Libres, because you are an elitist who hates America.

While you’re still sober enough to wield a knife, slice the roma tomatoes into thin wedges, arrange on the pizzas and bake according to package directions. When they’re done cooking, toss some chopped basil on top and serve.



Now, put on your favorite cable news channel (bonus points if you can play multiple stations on multiple teevees), pour yourself a tall glass of whatever, and enjoy the first election in a long while that doesn’t end with a six-day hangover, an $800 therapy bill and four more years of international shame.




4 responses

30 10 2008

I’m attending one of those, and I don’t drink (although I may have to start, if the unthinkable happens that night.) I’d only suggest that you have both Charlie Gibson on 7 tuned in, as well as the Stewart/Colbert affair on comedy central — seems they’re making a night of it.

Any clever and underplayed but perfect little thing I can bring? She’s catering… I was thinking of those silly cocktail napkins with the candidates’ nicknames on them: “Superman” and “McPalen.” But I’m in West LA, so one of those stacks wouldn’t even get touched! Your tips?

3 11 2008
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3 11 2008

I’m making mini baked alaskas for dessert for a pro dem party on Tuesday….you’re sangria sounds great. Perhaps I can strain out the fruit and add a blueberry to represent Austin…the blue dot surrounded by republican red Texas.

3 11 2008

I am making a huge night of it, we will be having, Salad with 7 house dressing, pigs in blankets with a side of lipstick (ketcup) Left wings with blue cheese dressing, quiche on a bed of arugala (for the elitist touch) deep dish chicago pizza, baked alaska, Ciroc O bama’s and of course Kool aid shooters (aka Jello shots) WOO HOO I cannot wait!!!

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