Once You Go Axe, You Never Go Back

23 10 2008

Good news for fraternity brothers, Von Dutch enthusiests and Nickleback fans across America: Unilever has announced plans to release Axe Dark Temptation, a body spray that drives women wild because it smells like chocolate, in the US next month. The Dark Temptation Chocolate Man marketing campaign, which has already raised eyebrows in India and elsewhere, released it’s first US commercial online last month.



This isn’t the first time Unilever has taken some flack for its Axe marketing efforts. Still, there’s something vaguely unsettling about this particular campaign. Something about all of those nice girls… overcome by the ‘dark temptation’… of the chocolate man… whipped into a frenzy of desire… by his big, powerful… fragrance?

Yeah, it’s probably nothing. Anyway, I hear it’s huge in the Netherlands.




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6 11 2008
Routan Bust « U R B Z E N

[…] 6 11 2008 Last week, I noted some of the unsettling racial/sexual overtones of the new Axe Dark Temptation campaign. […]

18 07 2009
xxx incest sex stories

hmm. funny 🙂

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